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Works like it should

Sewell Direct SW 30021 Magnetic Organizer White

Sewell Direct SW 30021 Magnetic Organizer White

I read this online in a blog version of "Thaw"--it is amazing and such a clever way for the author to make this novel accessible to everyone. GREAT format! About a week to go...

(This review refers to the online version at

I LOVED Thaw. I've never read a novel online. I'm an old-fashioned girl who likes to hold a book made of paper, carry it around with me.

Thaw changed all that. I owe it mostly due to Fiona Robyn's brilliant style for this novel--in diary form, one post on Blogspot for each chapter of the main character's diary--Ruth. Ruth is 32 and has given herself 3 months to decide if she wants to continue living. The story is told through her voice, one that is hurting but open, blunt, honest.

Over the course of the months I felt like Ruth was a real person, again I credit the format.

While there is mature content, I felt confident enough to share it with my 15 yr old. There are lessons to be learned. I learned, I listened, and I felt connected. I can't ask for more from a novel that moves me to tears and not out of sentimentality.

I look forward to reading more from Satya Robyn. I will truly miss reading about Ruth every day.

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  1. Dominique Valencia11 November 2011 14.32

    Ends the problem of trying to keep your chargers on a desk-top or night-table where you need them. I was using a binder clip to attach my phone charger to a lamp electrical cord, but then the mobility of the cord was restricted.The MOS organizer combined with a dual port USB wall charge means that devices (phones, iPads, iPods) can be charged on desktops instead of sitting in a pile of cables on the floor next to outlets and power strips. The product has a nice aesthetic to it that makes the cables look less like clutter.

  2. The MOS Magnetic Cable Organizer works perfectly. I recommend purchasing an extra 3-Pack of Cable Ties For MOS. It comes with three cable ties but most housholds have more than three devices to charge. Check your cables before you buy - hold them to a magnet to see if they are magnetic. If not, you will need the cable ties to make the product work.

  3. I charge my phone and tablet at night and I was tired of always having to hunt under the bed for the ends of the charging cords. The MOS holds my charges securely, makes them easily accessible. I want another one for my desk.

  4. Compact, nice looking and quite useful. In fact, so good, my girlfriend stole it... I guess I'll have to buy another one

  5. I have a very clean and minimalist bedside table with only a white lamp on it... except for the two cables I have dangling on the surface at all times: 1) the iPhone charger and 2) the kindle charger.

    This organization system is great because the white base has a nice suction feature that keeps it stationary and the cables stay nice and organized when in use and when they aren't in use.

    The system is well designed and built.

  6. This device has one purpose - to keep cords from falling behind desks - and it serves it nicely. The microsuction surface on the bottom holds securely to any smooth surface, and the magnetic top holds the cords strongly enough to keep them from coming off, but not so strongly as to make it hard to remove them.

    I've had mine for a couple of months on my desk, holding my laptop's charging cable, speaker cable, and a couple of usb cords. It works so well I take it for granted now and don't even really notice that I'm using it. Which for me is exactly what I want - something that makes what I already do a little smoother.