Kamis, 09 September 2010

I love this game.

Elementeo Chemistry Card Game V2

Elementeo Chemistry Card Game V2

The wonderful artwork aside - this game has it all. Educational (for me the teacher)and high interest fun (for students)and can be played by 2 or more because the rules have included how to do this.
With five levels of play, anyone in my class can have fun and learn some chemistry while engaging higher level thinking to beat their opponent. We could get started quickly playing the element level and as they were ready for more sophisticated play, we moved to the next level.
I enjoy Magic the Gathering and this has some of those elements while still teaching about the Periodic Table. Love the blank cards so they can create new characters (wonderful writing assignment to tie in with science)
Box is sturdy as well as the cards. Good thing cuz play can get intense when everyone is down to the last card or too. Very clever having the discard pile called the toxic waste dump too. Did not feel or look cheesy at all.
So glad I got this!

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  1. Kerri Williamson13 Desember 2011 05.32

    I have two homeschool kids, ages 9 and 10. They love this game.

    My favorite aspect of Elementeo is that it offers increasing levels of difficulty. Cards for each element in the game list names and characteristics that correspond with the given element. It's a great way for kids to learn basic aspects of important elements. Now my kids can tell me why argon is found in light bulbs. They know many of the atomic numbers for common elements and can usually tell me something about them. As the game gets progressively harder, players are exposed to characteristics of more complex molecules. And eventually even physics concepts. This game does a great job of getting kids hooked and, before they know it, making them learn something.

    No matter what field your kids go into, knowledge of chemistry will help. This game will attract kids with very different interests and make chemistry exciting for them. I highly recommend it.

  2. We are really enjoying Elementeo. We have officially lost count of how many games we've played!

    One thing that we really like about Elementeo is the element (no pun intended) of surprise. It really makes the game more fun and unpredictable. In a particularly lucid example, we were playing compound level; my opponent combined his Silicon and Oxygen to make Silicon Oxide. I put down my Nitrogen Naga and froze his compound. Then, on his next turn, he put down his Chlorine Troll and wiped out my Nitrogen Naga's reaction power! We have now graduated to the Alchemy level, which offers even more plot twists and surprises.

    Elementeo has also helped me with my chemistry studies (usually my least favorite subject). It has given personalities to a laundry list of elements and compounds. My textbook mentioned argon gas, and I immediately thought of the goblin sleeping in the lightbulb. A biochemistry article we were reading mentioned ATP, and we remembered the people in a teepee dancing around the bonfire.

    This game is a rare mix of fun and education!

  3. My kids love this game and I do too. I am really impressed by the quality of the art, the sophistication of the game, the amount of real science involved, etc. We're homeschoolers and this is a perfect supplement to chemistry and the PTOE. My 9 y/o son asks to play it all the time, but it's advanced enough to challenge my teenage daughters too. I love games that are this smart. :) It has 5 levels of play that work well for different ages, too. Would be great for science teachers, gifted kids, science lovers, card lovers (the cards really appeal to my Pokemon collecting son) and homeschoolers especially.