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Tivoli Audio M1CLA Classic Walnut

Tivoli Audio M1CLA Classic Walnut

I ordered this radio after reading everything I could find on the Model One. I can tell you I was not dissapointed. The size of the radio is smaller than I expected, but it is definitely well built and more substantial in hand than any other radio I have ever owned.

I live in rural Kansas and reception has always been an issue. This radio brings in my favorite NPR station which is transmitted from 35 miles away, perfectly. I was also suprised to find it tuned in another NPR station, that signal is transmitted almost 100 miles away.

Most of the day I can also pull in other stations located over 120 miles away. I have had the best luck so far just using the built in antenna. Tuning is easy and the sound is full and rich. It is not stereo, but it doesn't seem to matter. I may buy a model two next to see if it provides any distinct advantage.

I have a Sangean that I paid $170 for several years ago, for FM performance the Tivoli beats it hands down, again and again. I would suggest that you "beleive the hype" and buy one of these if you enjoy turning the tube off and listening to some radio for a change.

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