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Flower Protective Faceplate Screen Protector

Flower Protective Faceplate Screen Protector

I read this online in a blog version of "Thaw"--it is amazing and such a clever way for the author to make this novel accessible to everyone. GREAT format! About a week to go...

(This review refers to the online version at read-thaw.blogspot.com.)

I LOVED Thaw. I've never read a novel online. I'm an old-fashioned girl who likes to hold a book made of paper, carry it around with me.

Thaw changed all that. I owe it mostly due to Fiona Robyn's brilliant style for this novel--in diary form, one post on Blogspot for each chapter of the main character's diary--Ruth. Ruth is 32 and has given herself 3 months to decide if she wants to continue living. The story is told through her voice, one that is hurting but open, blunt, honest.

Over the course of the months I felt like Ruth was a real person, again I credit the format.

While there is mature content, I felt confident enough to share it with my 15 yr old. There are lessons to be learned. I learned, I listened, and I felt connected. I can't ask for more from a novel that moves me to tears and not out of sentimentality.

I look forward to reading more from Satya Robyn. I will truly miss reading about Ruth every day.

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