Rabu, 29 September 2010

Can't go wrong for under $11

Trademark Poker 10 Row Blackjack Table

Trademark Poker 10 Row Blackjack Table

This is a great book, it's definitely as funny as Thank You Notes 1, but this time around I think a lot of the jokes are new as I'm not recognizing as many of them. I haven't read through it completely, but I've already laughed out loud multiple times. The book also comes with a cool sound chip so you can play the music while you read the jokes, but the activation is a little hit and miss. However, Jimmy does usually joke with the pianist at the beginning of the skit, so I won't let it lower my score. Similar to the original Thank You Notes, the book isn't too long, but it is hilarious and for the discounted Amazon price, it was a definite buy. I think the book is perfect for either a Coffee Table book, or as some amazing dump taking reading material.

In the end, I love Jimmy Fallon and this is a great way to support him, I'm only sad that I pre-ordered it instead of waiting to bomb the Amazon best sellers list. :)

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5 komentar:

  1. Faye Dominguez11 Oktober 2010 12.32

    This chip tray works great for the blackjack table we built. Makes dealing 10 times easier. The thickness of the plastic was better than I expected.

  2. This is perfect for me to practice giving and taking out chips for dealer school. Just wish I had the table to lower it into.

  3. I just wanted something to mimic the bankroll on a real blackjack table. This is just a simple, plastic 10 row tray.

    I will warn that if your practicing on a felt layout, this will slide around a lot if you don't have a significant amount of chips weighing it down.

  4. Angela Armstrong25 Oktober 2012 07.32

    These were the best to keep extra chips in for the dealers keep them from getting mixed up and easy to count.
    its a must have.