Rabu, 08 September 2010

Great buy

Fat Cat 7 Foot Frisco Billiard

Fat Cat 7 Foot Frisco Billiard

I entered the world of scrollsawing with a Dremel about 3 years ago. Not having used any other saws, I thought it worked pretty well. I couldn't use it on the higher speeds, though - even bolted on my bench it tried to shake my teeth out. I decided to upgrade, however, so I could work on bigger pieces. After reading everything I could I went with the Dewalt. Not painlessly, mind you - I'm not exactly made of surplus cash. I have to admit, though, that it has been worth every penny. Assembly was remarkably easy. I was up and running very quickly, and was amazed at how quiet the saw was. I can now crank up to any speed without having to hold on to my fillings. The lifting of the top arm to reset blades is a nice feature when fretworking, although it does take a little practice after years of working from the bottom up.

Overall, this saw has been a great experience. I only wish all of my tool buys worked out so well.

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  1. Great deal. A nice table for the price. Assembly fairly easy. Looks like the more expensive slate tables at half the price.