Kamis, 23 September 2010

Wet dry vacume bag

Vacmaster VDBP Collection VQ407S Vacuums

Vacmaster VDBP Collection VQ407S Vacuums

Jane Austen is my favorite author. I reread her books at least once a year, as sadly, she only wrote 7 complete novels. This brings me to my small note...

"Lady Susan" is a complete novel, not an unfinished novel, as stated in the eBook description. It is a short, but extremely funny, story.

As her number of completed novels is rather small, I am saddened to say, "The Watsons" and "Sanditon" are the unfinished ones. They are promising tidbits I believe I would have enjoyed...

This eBook appears to have many good reviews for formatting and the price is excellent!

I bought "Jane Austen: the Complete Collection" from Bedford Park Books a few years ago for (I think) $1.99. It is also well-formatted and includes the original illustrations from her originally published works. You may download most of her work for free, but "Sense and Sensibility" was not included in the free eBooks. It alone cost varying rates, starting at $3.00, so I would recommend this one or the one I bought. This one was not available when I first searched for Jane Austen in Kindle books.

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  1. Frieda Crawford13 Desember 2011 13.32

    I mistakenly bought this bag for my shop vac thinking it was the right size but it wasn't. I would have returned it but stupidly got rid of my receipt. There was nothing wrong with the bag...I just didn't pay attention when purchasing.

  2. saves on replacing filter and makes disposal of contents easy and clean. Reduces any chance of dust which is important to my health. Recommend use of these strongly..