Kamis, 30 September 2010

Can't go wrong for under $11

Systemview Aix V1R1 IBM Redbooks

Systemview Aix V1R1 IBM Redbooks

This is a great book, it's definitely as funny as Thank You Notes 1, but this time around I think a lot of the jokes are new as I'm not recognizing as many of them. I haven't read through it completely, but I've already laughed out loud multiple times. The book also comes with a cool sound chip so you can play the music while you read the jokes, but the activation is a little hit and miss. However, Jimmy does usually joke with the pianist at the beginning of the skit, so I won't let it lower my score. Similar to the original Thank You Notes, the book isn't too long, but it is hilarious and for the discounted Amazon price, it was a definite buy. I think the book is perfect for either a Coffee Table book, or as some amazing dump taking reading material.

In the end, I love Jimmy Fallon and this is a great way to support him, I'm only sad that I pre-ordered it instead of waiting to bomb the Amazon best sellers list. :)

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