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in love with steel series

SteelSeries Professional Gaming Mouse Black

SteelSeries Professional Gaming Mouse Black

I wanted to wait a bit before writing a review on this product, so I've owned it for almost a year now. It gets constant daily use with a Logitech G9X Programmable Laser Gaming Mouse with Precision Grips which has also been a great product. I mostly use it for gaming with an exclusive focus on PvP as well as some general web browsing.

The mouse pad is slightly larger than a standard notebook which is a great size for a wide range of motion. I actually use it in a north-south configuration more than the standard east-west for more depth. Its thin enough to be easy on the wrist for extended periods (I tend to use a claw and fingertip grip on my mouse) and is about the same thickness as a nickel.

The rubber backing is superb at keeping the pad in place, and it has never moved at all once placed. Its very grippy, and I can't slide it at all even with some force.

The surface possesses a finely-grained texture that allows superb traction with smooth and quick gliding and acceleration. I've never had a problem with tracking or control on this pad, and the hard surface is great for laser mice, of course.

Its also easy to keep clean, although it doesn't really seem to attract dirt/dust/fur like some other pads on the market.

The construction has been solid. I've had absolutely no issues with any of the layers peeling up along the edges, warping, etc. It still looks as new as the day I bought it.

The look is professional and understated which I like more than the gimmicky, "extreme" gaming graphics.

At the time I purchased this, it was $26. While some may consider that pricey, I would say its been worthwhile. The product has performed great consistently, and I'd gotten annoyed with having to replace other mousepads yearly (cloth, plastic, and aluminum types.)

I've never bought a SteelSeries product before, but I'd read/heard good things about them. Based on this product, I would definitely buy another SteelSeries product. I definitely feel confident recommending this product to anyone that uses the computer heavily on a daily basis even if they're not a gamer. I'm considering buying another to have as a spare.

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