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weight limit 250 lbs

Quoizel MQ5009HL Marquette Chandelier Multifaceted

Quoizel MQ5009HL Marquette Chandelier Multifaceted

Elite Fitness Deluxe Inversion Table --
If you have lower back problems then the Elite Fitness Inversion Table could help you like it did me. I am 72 years old with recurring lower back issues 2 or 3 times a year. My last trip to the Dr. I was given prescriptions for muscle relaxers and told to consult a physical therapist.; Instead, I decided to try an inversion table which arrived 8 days later. After 3 days of use I noticed improvement and after 7 days of use (20 minutes twice a day) I stopped my medication. It worked so well I have now resumed my normal routine, and even though my back is still a little tender this definitely beats 2 or 3 trips a week to a physical therapist. You might also need to wait a short while after each meal before you use it to avoid any reflux. The table took me about an hour to assemble. It might have gone quicker but I had to sit in a chair while putting it together because my back hurt so bad. Fortunately I had a socket wrench which I used and one of the cheap wrenches furnished in the kit to hold the bolt while I turned the head. If you only use the wrenches included it will take you 4 or 5 hours to assemble it. The instruction are clear and the nuts and bolts for each step are packaged separately. The design and assembly of the table is more than adequate. However, the Chinese nuts and bolts are of poor quality steel and you should be careful not to over-tighten them thereby eliminating an unnecessary trip to the hardware store. I also suspect the ankle foam pads may not last much more than a year and will need to be replaced. However, I fully expect this table to last as long as I do. You can spend a lot more for a table that may or may not help you but this table will meet all of your requirements for both a short and long term basis. Bottom line, this is one of the better investments I have made.

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