Senin, 13 September 2010

Removable Suction!

Sugarbooger Divided Suction Plate Hoot

Sugarbooger Divided Suction Plate Hoot

The wonderful artwork aside - this game has it all. Educational (for me the teacher)and high interest fun (for students)and can be played by 2 or more because the rules have included how to do this.
With five levels of play, anyone in my class can have fun and learn some chemistry while engaging higher level thinking to beat their opponent. We could get started quickly playing the element level and as they were ready for more sophisticated play, we moved to the next level.
I enjoy Magic the Gathering and this has some of those elements while still teaching about the Periodic Table. Love the blank cards so they can create new characters (wonderful writing assignment to tie in with science)
Box is sturdy as well as the cards. Good thing cuz play can get intense when everyone is down to the last card or too. Very clever having the discard pile called the toxic waste dump too. Did not feel or look cheesy at all.
So glad I got this!

Get your Sugarbooger Divided Suction Plate Hoot Now!

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  1. This is a great little plate, it's cute, it's sturdy, however it did not fit onto our daughter's highchair tray, but once I removed the suction ring it did. (We have a boon highchair and the tray is on the smaller side).

  2. My son loves robots and these plates are a big hit. He's nearly 2.5 years old, so we removed the suction backing (maybe we'll use it with our infant daughter when she is older) and use the plates as normal dinner plates for him. We've enjoyed the quality of Sugar Booger plates in the past and are confident these will hold up equally well.

  3. Walter Underwood10 November 2012 11.32

    I suspect that the readers who gave this plate a negative review for not sticking to the surface didn't apply water to the suction side. A little water makes these stick tight to the surface they are set on. In our case, our 14 month old has tried to tear them off her highchair tray but they have stayed put. It is a simple fix for these very cute and easy to use plates (they are even cuter in person than in this picture)

  4. Antonio Delgado27 Desember 2013 06.32

    Works great, do not think this is an item that will prevent the child from throwing the plate, it is a training tool. That is what I purchased it for.