Sabtu, 18 September 2010

great dragons

White Porcelain Blue Dragon Plates

White Porcelain Blue Dragon Plates

The app was really simple to setup on my Kindle Fire. After the download, it walked me through linking the print subscription and off it went.

Once I started it, I had an option to get the current issue and the most recent one. The content took a little longer to download then expected (and unlike the iPad version it did not jump to the beginning before completing the download) To clarify, the wait was not long, it just lacked the instantaneous gratification.

The application is well thought out. The content is easy to get to with the internal links. I can flip the pages by swiping or go to a specific article by tapping it in the table of content. Based on the prior reviews I also tested how it acts when "put away". Once the kindle came back from sleep with the application being open it returned right to the page that I was on. Same was true when I went "home" browsed the web and returned to the Real Simple app. It opened right up to where I left off.

Real Simple app is easy to setup and to use. It's a nice addition to the printed version.

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  1. I am going to Vietnam in the summer from june to july. Do you know any fun and cool places to go to while im there? Are there any big amusement parks with cool rides. Are there water parks? Thanks