Kamis, 16 September 2010


European Floral Design Tablecloth Rectangle

European Floral Design Tablecloth Rectangle

I purchased this table and chair set for my 4 yr old son for christmas. It is a great table it is very sturdy and believe me I know, my son who weighs 42 pounds have stood on the table and chair and did not fall off, not that I recommend that but it gives you an idea how sturdy it is. It doesn't take mega bloks or the themed duplo sets but the seller clearly states that in the description, so to the reviewer who gave it 1 star because of that should had read the profile before purchasing it. If the legs are inserted properly the table or the chairs won't wobble. I purchased the classic legos for my son and it works perfect with the table just as the description states. I recommend this table to anyone looking for a childs table and the seller abracadabroo is really good I purchased the table even though it was a back order and when it came in stock it was delivered in 2 days I couldn't have asked for better service. All I have to say is GREAT PRODUCT.

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  1. Love it Just make sure u do not dry it cause it will start to unravel that was my mistake lol