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Coleman 2000003096 Pack Away Folding Table

Coleman 2000003096 Pack Away Folding Table

OVERVIEW: I have never been so excited when purchasing an item from Amazon before. For Hyrule Historia I was so excited that it motivated me to write my first ever product review. Let me just begin with this, I am not an avid reader to say the least. The last book I read was a requirement for high school 9 years ago. This is the first book in a long time that I actually wanted to read. I recieved this product on 1/30/2013 and I ordered it back in Decemember 2012 when Amazon was taking preorders for it.

BUILD: When you open the book, you can tell that the hardcover, binding, and the pages are really well constructed. This is no discount shelf book. The illustrations and the text inside the book are well arranged and they catch the eye really nicely. If you love more pictures than words, then you will be in for a treat. With it's 276 page count, the book is heavier than most textbooks that I have purchased for school. An embossed golden Gate of Time is featured on the front and it is paired well with the Hero of Time's most well known tunic color, green.

FEATURES: The best feature about Hyrule Historia is how much attention to detail is used throughout the games that a typical Zelda fan might have missed. Why certain shields are designed the way they are and why the colors of Link's crimson Loftwing are significant are just a few examples. The book also shares the different design concepts that were introduced in the Legend of Zelda series before the final product was decided upon. This lets the reader see how the game could have been and then allows for a possible alternate view of the already loved game. The sequence of events in Link's adventures are in chronological order so the book follows the timeline(s) that were set up by Nintendo. The Legend of Zelda series already has beautiful artwork within its games, but this book does an excellent job of showing powerful images from each and every game. The different games are well divided throughout the book and allow for quick navigation to any game within the series.

SUMMARY: Shigeru Miyamoto and his team went above and beyond to create this amazing book. I knew I was going to recieve something I was going to read with much detail, but the level of detail and the beautiful artwork is what fascinated me the most about Hyrule Historia. If you are into the Legend of Zelda series, this is a no brainer. With so much to discover within the franchise, the book will have something new for everyone to learn. I'm extremely happy with this purchase and I'm sure I will be reading this unforgettable piece of art over and over again.

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