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I love jace!!



Just when I didn't think it could get any better than Rush, Maya Banks throws Fever into the mix and my emotions are in such a jumbled mess that I can't think straight. I loved everything about Fever! If you read Rush and thought you loved Gabe, you will absolutely LOVE Jace and his all out alpha maleness that bleeds from every page.

The story begins with all our beloved characters; Gabe, Mia, Jace, and Ash, celebrating a wonderful occasion that I won't mention here to prevent spoilers for those who haven't yet read Rush. Jace spots a lovely girl named Bethany busing tables at the event and an electrical spark immediately shoots through him. When Ash notices where Jace's eyes are focused, he inquires as to what Jace is thinking. Well, in true fashion, Ash takes it upon himself to proposition the girl for both he and Jace for the night. Never did he dream that Jace wanted this lovely girl all to himself. When she accepts the proposition after learning dinner comes with it, Jace feels that he has to go through with the threesome even though his heart is clenching inside of him and he doesn't want to share Bethany. It's easy to see where this is going and the question is whether or not the friendship between Jace and Ash can survive this one night with the girl of Jace's dreams.

Jace awakes the next morning and Bethany is nowhere to be found. There's only a note thanking them both for dinner. This is something completely new and foreign to Jace and Ash, as they are usually the ones walking out - never the girl. Jace spends the better part of two weeks in a stupor and searching for his Bethany, as he plans to lay claim to her. What he discovers is shocking to them all, but it makes no difference to Jace. He falls fast and hard, regardless of Bethany's past and present circumstance. Jace disregards the warnings of his best friend Ash and pursues Bethany relentlessly. He wins her over, but not without letting his temper get the best of him many times, threatening to destroy the love he never thought he would share with a woman.

Bethany is a very different character. She is very strong but also very fragile. She has a sordid past that she has tried repeatedly to escape, but it's difficult when she survives minute to minute, not just day to day. Because of the hard life she has endured and her current circumstance, she has extreme self-worth issues and doesn't deem herself worthy of being with Jace. She knows he's out of her league, but Jace won't hear of it. There is only one world according to Jace, and they are both in it together. He only wants Bethany to see herself as he sees her - beautiful, strong, and perfect for him.

Jace is so dominant, yet he is also very submissive when it comes to Bethany. He can't deny her anything, but he continuously screws up with his temper and his uncanny ability to jump to conclusions. All Bethany wants is his trust. He gives her so much more. He gives her a sense of belonging that she desperately needs, a family that loves her as much as he does, and a home in his world. As the dominant and controlling alpha male he is, Jace lays claim to Bethany and nothing is ever going to be the same.

To say that it was easy for the two of them is wrong. It was never easy. I cried so many tears while reading Fever. It wasn't just sad tears; these were big, ugly, face-distorting soak the front of my blouse tears! The angst was at an all time high at more than one point, and the emotions I felt were so much more than what I felt in Rush ... and that's saying a lot! Jace was forceful, yet mild and sweet. Bethany had nothing to give Jace except her trust and her love, and that's all he ever wanted from her. I won't say Fever is all tears and angst, because I loved when I received the much needed break to laugh out loud at the girl's night out, a signature in Maya Banks's novels. The drunk sex was hilarious and I loved every second of it. The regular sex throughout the story, far from vanilla, was extremely hot and required a glass of ice water next to me as I read. The ice water was not for drinking ... it was a necessity for splashing over me to cool me off from the scenes between Jace and Bethany. Blistering. Scorching. Sizzling. Smoking. A blazing inferno! Fever contains light BDSM and has a MMF scene, but no matter how light, the steam is certainly there and sweltering. Whew!

If you haven't figured it out yet, I strongly recommend Fever (the title is so fitting) to those who want to feast on a complete story with a happy ending after going through Hades and back with a side of severe rush akin to bungee jumping from a hovering helicopter at 10,000 feet. Fever is that extreme and intense!

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  1. I love this series! I can't wait to read the final book! You really get to know each of the charachters and the story line keeps you reading. I read each of the first two books in just days! Couldnt put them down.

  2. I really love the Breathless Trilogy. I cannot wait for the next book some out. I like the relationships between the characters in the books so.

  3. Both books are great, can't wait for Ash's story in Burn.Both books were hard to put down. The 2nd book seemed a bit far fetched, but it was still good.

  4. Justin Rollins15 Oktober 2012 06.32

    Love this book!! What a beautiful man!! I thought have was a show stopper but he is nothing compared to jace. I can't not wait til see what happens to ash!!

  5. Jenifer Peterson29 November 2012 10.32

    hero was obsessed and so in love with the heroine...thoroughly enjoyed reading it...liked it better than the first book...higgly recommended if you love reading angst

  6. Ordered this book as soon as I finished the first book of the series. In love with each character. I don't even know at this point who my favorite CEO is. How to choose between three rich, sexy and dominant guys...

  7. Bernard Richmond24 Desember 2013 05.32

    Some people have got it...
    And some people don't.
    But a whole lot of people want it.
    Hot , riveting, lustful and leaves you wanting and waiting for more.