Sabtu, 13 November 2010

Best I've seen, but wish it were four inches longer.

Ah Goo Baby Plush Memory

Ah Goo Baby Plush Memory

Now I'm no baby, but this cushion is super soft and thick. The zipper is nice because it's hidden and it comes off easily to wash. I have yet to use this on my baby but I don't think I'll have many complaints once I do use it. The design (Zoo Frenzy) I got is beautiful, and lots of fun to look at.

The other changing mats I was looking at, were way to small for even my friends 3 month old, and they all just seemed cheap feeling. This one I can use for not only changing, but for tummy time when out some place with out a blanket. Only of course if we don't have any nasty accidents on it.

Some concerns I could see is it does not have a place to put diapers or wipes, but I bought this knowing I would have them in my bag and would gladly sacrifice those crappy pockets for this wonderful mat that my baby will fit on for months longer than the other ones out there.

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