Rabu, 24 November 2010


SVS 12 inch Powered Cylinder Subwoofer

SVS 12 inch Powered Cylinder Subwoofer

I purchased this fan as a "boost" to my central area conditioning system in my sunroom (no ductwork in this room, only in the kitchen, which is adjacent to this room). As I am into interior design, I welcome any item that "fits in" with the decor of the room (not often easy to find in an electronic item or appliance). This fan looks so good, I haven't any issue with it working with my decor; in addition, it is also well-made, and quite efficient. (There is an oscillating knob, along with a tilt feature, three fan speeds and a handle.) I don't consider it a noisy fan by any means, and I rarely need to operate it above the second speed. I believe this fan is a great investment and is sturdy enough to last many years. There aren't many companies that know more about cooling than Hunter, as they have been successfully making ceiling fans for quite a long time. (I also own a Hunter ceiling fan in my kitchen; I've had it for many years and it's never failed me.)

If you are looking for the perfect blend of price and quality, you will be happy with this fan.

Keep your cool and buy one!

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  1. I know "better" is subjective, and that there are a lot more factors (SPL, Xmax, box frequency, etc). But assuming that each box is the optimal size for its sub, and that all other parameters are effectively equivalent, which would be better?