Jumat, 19 November 2010

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Floral Tablecloth Cotton Vegetable Square

Floral Tablecloth Cotton Vegetable Square

Very happy with performance of the antenna and the vendor.

1. I installed this product in my attic and it brings in more stations than the FCC web site says I should be able to (when placed in the corner of the attic in the direction of TV transmitters). Reception was a bit degraded if placed where HVAC ducting obstructed the signal. I wish that I had bought this a long time ago rather than messing with set-top antennas (which had to be relocated for each station and lost signal when an aircraft passed by or the AC fan came on).

2. Note that control of rotation (power for the motor) is sent up the coax antenna cable so they are serious about the 50' set-top box to antenna limit. (You can't just rig it to the house' cable input and get TV in every room through the cable splitter.) There are two outputs from the set-top control box.

3. My antenna would not rotate so I called the company. The representative talked me through troubleshooting and we found a wire that was not soldered to the circuit board inside the antenna housing. They sent me a replacement immediately without waiting for me to return the original so I had uninterrupted reception.

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