Kamis, 11 November 2010

Love it

NAUTICA 907 016 00 Stateroom

NAUTICA 907 016 00 Stateroom

I love the design of this table. It's really pretty, and the color is quite nice. We ordered some cappuccino finish chairs that are also made by Coaster (Side Chair with Cross Back Design), and the table is just a tad bit lighter than the chairs and has a very, very slightly more red tone than the chairs do. They match pretty well though; the difference is really minor. The table is really sturdy and was easy to put together. The table legs have levelers in the bottoms so that you can stabilize it on an uneven floor if needed, which is nice. My only complaint would be that the table has a few nicks in the finish, mostly very minor, which clearly had to have been there before it was shipped (it was packaged really well and therefore shouldn't have happened during the shipping process). I really mean minor. They're small spots without finish, just a few mm in diameter, not big scratches or gouges. None of them were enough for us to send it back. The top of the table is pretty clear of nicks. Most of them are on the legs, and one is on a side of the shelf. A few dabs of a wood finish marker and they're blended well-enough. We turned the one spot that was slightly worse than the others--the one on the shelf--toward the wall, too, just in case. If you want a perfectly unblemished table, you probably shouldn't be ordering one online anyway. If a few minor blemishes aren't going to bother you, it's a really great table.

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