Rabu, 17 November 2010

Great resource, absolutly insane sellers

Battlefleet Gothic Armada Battlefleets Millennium

Battlefleet Gothic Armada Battlefleets Millennium

This is the first and only offical update book for the table top wargame BATTLEFLEET GOTHIC by gamesworkshop.
It has a large amount of material on the various fleets already introduced by the original book as well as new races(factions) in the game. It is a much needed booster to the original game.
It is currently out of print, as the game is no longer "offically" being devloped any further by the company.(several fansite, some un-official gamesworkshop development continues)

that being said, as a nod to the fact of a fairly devout fanbase (and contiued sales of the fantastic models for the game) you CAN DOWNLOAD THE ENTIRE GAME FOR FREE all the rules , all the updates large and small for the gamesworkshop website in the specialist game area for battlefleet gothic. in pdf form no less. the company still sells the high quality models.

As with game pieces sold on amazon(see other reviews) there seem to be some predatory sellers out there asking insulting ( to anybodys intelligence) prices for the books and game pieces. remember its nice to have but you can get for free. if the prices here are just to high try ebay. fair price for the book seems to run between 30 to 80 dollars U.S. at time of review.

Get your Battlefleet Gothic Armada Battlefleets Millennium Now!

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