Selasa, 21 Desember 2010

Very sturdy - won't need to replace it...ever.

Strathwood Rhodes Cast Umbrella Base

Strathwood Rhodes Cast Umbrella Base

There are tons of various brands that try to sell their various outdoor products - it's difficult to figure out which ones are reasonably priced for high quality, just high priced, or low quality. Last year, I took the dive with Strathwood (first I had heard of them) with a beautiful Strathwood Basics All-Weather Hardwood 3-Seater Bench. It's an awesome little bench, especially for the price.

So sticking with the same brand seemed like a smart thing to do...and it was. This umbrella base is just as great as their other products. Very easy assembly: two bolts on the bottom, and then, depending on the girth of the pole you put in the base, 2 tightening screws that hold the umbrella in place firmly. And then you have a piece of outdoor yard equipment that will never need replacing. This this is a heavy base that I wouldn't hesitate to put larger umbrella in, and with the little feet on the bottom, putting in on gravel (rather than a pristine deck, for example) is no problem, either. And the powder coat finish means it's not going to start rusting after the first drizzle.

Recommended...likely complements Strathwoods own outdoor furniture (which I don't have), but it looks great with existing tables and chairs, too.

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