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Great resource!

McGraw Hill Handbook English Grammar ebook

McGraw Hill Handbook English Grammar ebook

After reading the reviews on these chairs and hearing they were small or short, I can say as a six foot 240 male these chairs are solid. They came fully put together and the shipping even at the free super saver was here in two days. The Chairs arrived undamaged and were in great conditions that almost matched the table and replacement chairs fully. One downside is the seat, not that it is small just you will need a cushion for it unless you like sitting on a block all the time. We got them for the kitchen so nothing a trip to Walmart to get a few $5 dollar cushions for them and it solved that fully.


Sturdy and well built chairs

Arrive Fully together

Not too small for bigger people


Seat needs a cushion or else you will get a sore butt after 30mins of seating

Not too tall, if you are replacing a tall chair this may not fit your table

Overall these are great chairs at a great price, just needs a cushion for the seat and you have an amazing pair of chairs.

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