Kamis, 23 Desember 2010

Incredibly Sturdy

Medline Overbed Table Composite Top

Medline Overbed Table Composite Top

I use this table for photography, a place to put parts and pieces, guests use it for a writing table, and my wife uses it for a laptop. We have used it only once for sick in bed with the flu. The three best features are sturdy (not flimsy), adjustable height, and mobility. Sometimes it is used all the way down at table height, as a writing table. Sometimes all the way up for stand up work. A few times in the middle. Easily moves in and out as needed. The cup holder places are not necessary for me, but the lip around the edge keeps things (laptop) from sliding off and presumably contains liquid spills. We use them so much, we now have three in the house -- one bedroom and two roll around for work. For the superior strength and stability alone, it is worth the price compared to cheaper ones.

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  1. Jaime Mcintosh20 Oktober 2011 13.32

    I bought two of these tables and for the price I think they can't be beat. They go together very easily, move up and down smoothly, and almost glide across the floor.
    Now for the rest of the story. One of the tables arrived without any hardware. I got online and ask Medline if they could help me out. I didn't expect much but it was worth a try. To my suprise the same day I recieved an answer asking for a mailing address and phone number. Shortly after that FEDEX semi-delivered the package (found it in the tall weeds at the end of the driveway.)
    Many companies sell good products, but to find one that does not abandon the customer after the sale is rare. Medline is one of these companies.
    10 stars for Medline
    -10 for FEDEX.

  2. Marjorie Barrera29 Oktober 2011 06.32

    I recently ordered two overbed tables from Big Apple
    Supplies, based on the manufacturer's spec they would
    elevate to 45" high. When I set them up, they would only
    go to 39"--completely useless to me. Big Apple's customer
    service rep let me swap them for another brand (I had to
    pay the price difference) that did elevate high enough.

    Unusually high ethics for the industry.

  3. From the price and the picture, my expectations were not, truthfully, very high. I have been pleasantly surprised. The table was easy to assemble (5 bolts and 4 casters) and they even provide the tools.

    Best of all, this table is ROCK SOLID! The legs and frame are sturdy steel, and the composite tabletop has a molded construction AND its own steel frame. On most of these tables, you raise the top with your own strength. On this one, there is a spring in the leg which raises the top when the release is pressed. They did everything right. Highly recommended.

  4. I was really impressed with how sturdy this was, especially for the price. It really is like the ones in the hospital - industrial strength. Assembly was straightforward, although I was glad to have an extra pair of hands. The height range is fantastic, and raising and lowering it is so easy, even with just one hand. I can use it as a sit/stand desk, since I have bad back issues - I'm 6'1" and it's easily high enough for this without even raising it to the highest level. We also use it as a projector stand since there's no good place to mount one in our room - now, we can watch movies in bed without the projector getting bumped every time you get up or even shift your weight. Also, arrived quickly from Bethman Sales - I am sometimes leery of lesser known sellers, but for this price, I went for it and was not disappointed. They clearly are dedicated to offering quality medical care accessories for a reasonable price, which is nice to see.

  5. I bought this to use as a bedside laptop desk. I like to do my work while sitting in bed at night. It is so easy to raise and lower to get it the perfect height. The wheels slide under the bed so that my laptop is right where I need it. This is so much better than the laptop desk I used to have.

  6. Table arrived promptly and with a minimum amount of assembly, was up and running quite effectively. Not super heavy, but heavy enough to keep the table stable. My mother is 82 and found this to be a life saver, while in bed recovering from surgery. also knows she can use it a hundred different ways once she's recovered.

    I would recommend for anyone who will be bed bound fan any period of time Great convenience for a reasonable price.

    Highly recommend.

  7. I had a laptop table from an office store. The construction was terrible, every joint squeaked at the lightest touch, it tipped over, the surface was easily marred anywhere I used a mouse, and it was never quite high enough to use in bed. This table is so much better.

    First, it goes even higher than I need. I can easily use it while my legs are raised under a cushion. Second, I can type on my laptop without feeling the table tipping from the pressure. There's plenty of room for my laptop, a mouse, my phone and charger, and even a groove for a cup or other small items. One tip: use a strip of velcro or long twist-tie to attach the power cord to the column, to make moving the table less likely to tangle the cord. Also, no squeaking all the time, the only noise is the height-adjustment bar if you shake the whole table. A bit of cloth or tissue silences it. Noise may seem like a silly thing to worry about on a table, but if you have a partner it can be a real problem.

    My gripes: the assembly instructions could be a little better (the diagram didn't look like this model), one of the allen wrenches included with mine didn't fit the bolts (easily fixed with a $1 allen wrench from the hardware store), and the lip around the edge of the table isn't very tall. Once it's assembled, the first two gripes don't matter.

    I haven't had a problem with the lip, and it's actually better this way for using the mouse. There's a little grain to the table surface, so things don't slide too easily. I may put some velcro on the underside of my laptop if I ever get worried about it. Again, hasn't been an issue so far, and I considered using velcro when looking at other tables.