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Takes reasonable photos for a pencil sharpener

Kikkerland Camera Pencil Sharpener SC12

Kikkerland Camera Pencil Sharpener SC12

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Great for busy moms and active toddlers!!!, June 2, 2004

By A Customer

I was so happy to find a booster tray with two trays in one. How many times has your baby eaten, made a disaster on the tray and on theirselves. Sometimes you don't have the energy to clean both baby and chair. The top tray is removable and can be cleaned later while the blue base tray is ready for the next meal!! Once they are both dirty just run them in the dishwasher.
Another perk is that you can take the white tray, have your babies meal already prepared with the lid and store in the 'fridge.
This booster is extremley portable (ex. grandma's, friends homes, restaurants).
The boosters seat back even folds down so the chair it is attached to still can be pushed in all the way. Perfect for parents who still like a house that looks like thier own and not completley taken over by baby stuff.
Above all else, our daughter loves it! She is comfortable, and she loves sitting along side us during meals. Great booster chair!!!

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  1. Sonya Griffith11 Oktober 2011 15.32

    This is the best pencil sharpener that I have ever had, including electric or battery operated sharpeners. A very fun design that looks great sitting on a desk.

  2. Pull the face of the camera away from the camera body and lock it in place. Press the face button to allow pencil to be inserted. Insert pencil until it stops. There is an adjustment screw that adjusts how sharp you want your pencils - it is located on the crank part of the handle. Unscrew the adjustment screw for sharper.

    As other reviewers have mentioned this sharpener will get destroyed if used by little kids. Kind of a fun gadget that does an awesome job.

  3. Regina Schroeder25 Oktober 2011 15.32

    Best thing about this sharpener is that it sharpens in all sizes. I have a color pencils that are thick and varies in different sizes in my class and this sharpener can cut em all. You can also control the sharpness of the pencil by the adjusting this knob on the back. this is important to me because my students won't be breaking so much of the pencils if i dull out the edge of the pencil. It's also small enough to carry around just about anywhere. If you have a class and happens to sharpen about 100 pencils per week, and get tired buying out another pricy electric sharpener that gets its engine blown out at all times for using so much, this is one for the money and value. Again, great sharpener for both teachers and for artists.

  4. This little box sharpens pencils so precisely that I had to turn down the point so that it was a little rounder for my children (they press so hard that the point as set broke immediately. The adjustable pencil hold was able to sharpen some larger diameter pencils that wouldn't fit in our previous machine. You can't over-sharpen and loose valuable pencil length and the drawer is easy to remove and empty of shavings. Needs to be held down with one hand quite firmly while turning the sharpening handle. I am thinking of buying another just for colored pencils.

  5. I purchased this Kikkerland Camera Pencil Sharpener for my friends as a wedding present and they've sent me ever picture they've been able to take with it. In preparation for their wedding, they've been traveling on lush beaches and sailing international waters. Luckily they are both talented illustrators and have drawn very life-like recreations of all the wild life they've encountered. Their pencils are really sharp thanks to the Kikkerland Camera Pencil Sharpener. The man bleeds easily and will probably attract sharks. The woman can defend them from sharks with the sharpened pencils.

  6. Just got this and have sharpened a few pencils with outstanding results. I think the reviewers who said it takes 3 hands have not read the instructions. The sharpener has a spring loaded part that both grips the pencil and pushes it into the sharpener. You only have to hold the sharpener steady and turn the handle. It also auto-stops when it's done. For $13 - wow.

  7. Alfredo Jacobson15 Desember 2012 05.32

    I purchased this sharpener after my battery operated model gave up the ghost after only two pencils! I'm swearing off battery operated contraptions. I had a very fancy pencil sharpener that I bought at an art supply house (paid $30 retails for $60) that I was using instead, however, I was never truly satisfied with the points made by it. I figured I would just get a simple hand crank model and make do. Well, the Kikkerland Camera sharpener is not "make-do," it work superbly, even better than its expensive mate sitting on my desk. The "camera" holds your pencils and has a nice skid-resistant pad on the bottom. Easy to use and makes wonderful sharp points that all my students love.

  8. This is a nifty, quick little sharpener. Easy enough for my son to use. Glad I read other reviews to realize that it had a bit of a trick to it (so that i didnt throw away the instructions). Took me an embarrassingly long time to realize I had to pinch the little silver button on the side to allow the pencil to go all the way through and be held in place. I havent tried to adjust the sharpened point, but whatever it is set up is working well so far.