Senin, 20 Desember 2010

Great chair covers.

Clear Vinyl Chair Protectors Chairs

Clear Vinyl Chair Protectors Chairs

After reading the reviews on these chairs and hearing they were small or short, I can say as a six foot 240 male these chairs are solid. They came fully put together and the shipping even at the free super saver was here in two days. The Chairs arrived undamaged and were in great conditions that almost matched the table and replacement chairs fully. One downside is the seat, not that it is small just you will need a cushion for it unless you like sitting on a block all the time. We got them for the kitchen so nothing a trip to Walmart to get a few $5 dollar cushions for them and it solved that fully.


Sturdy and well built chairs

Arrive Fully together

Not too small for bigger people


Seat needs a cushion or else you will get a sore butt after 30mins of seating

Not too tall, if you are replacing a tall chair this may not fit your table

Overall these are great chairs at a great price, just needs a cushion for the seat and you have an amazing pair of chairs.

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  1. The clear vinyl chair protectors are perfect for covering our woven wicker seats from the dropped food of our one-year-old. I haven't had the problem of them slipping, probably because the booster seat is also secured to the chair. This saves me so much hassle of cleaning between the wicker grooves! Wonderful.

  2. Maryann Bradshaw18 November 2010 08.32

    Would recommend to a friend who has little one that just can't keep there hand off the cloth seats. Should be a product that every household should have.

  3. I was looking for a way to keep Fred, my cat, from scratching on my new dining room chairs. I put these covers on with some double faced tape. Only once did Fred go up on a chair. One small clump of hair pulled from his bottom, and no more scratches on my chairs!

  4. Augusta Faulkner12 Oktober 2011 06.32

    This is the second time I have ordered these (I cannot locate my "extras" put away in storage" and I think they are terrific if you have young, messy eaters. Forget using the ties: I use safety pins to fold/tuck/anchor each corner of the chair and they stay secure and work great! Will definitely continue to use these as long as I have "dribblers".

  5. I purchased these when we got our new dining room furniture because our youngest grandson was living here (8 y/o) and spills happen. These have prevented a lot of cleaning!A really good purchase!

  6. Addie Mclaughlin26 November 2011 11.32

    The vinyl is crystal clear, sturdy and flexible but still maintains it's shape after it has been sat upon. The covers perform exactly the service for which I purchased them - to keep cat fur off the upholstery and provide an easily cleanable surface. I would purchase them again.

  7. Tommie Melendez25 November 2012 04.32

    Even after reading other people's reviews on these protectors, I was under the impression they had something to secure them to the chairs. The plastic ties do not fully secure the protectors to the chairs but were good enough for my purposes.

    Haven't used them in the summer time yet but I am more than pleased with my purchase and with the seller. Received earlier than I expected and the price was very reasonable.

  8. Graciela Justice28 November 2012 09.32

    Listen to everyone's advice and take off the ineffective plastic ties, flip the cushion over and staple the plastic to it. I never do any handy work and this was very very easy to do. If you can stretch plastic with your hands and staple things you can do this. My husband happened to have a heavy duty staple gun on hand and we just went to the hardware store and bought a small box of staples. I look at my chairs now and I love it! The plastic is very very clear and they look professionally done.

  9. These covers work great but you can't use them by tying them. You need to remove the seat of your chair. This is simple, it will either pull up or just loosen the screws that hold it on. First cut off those annoying ties. Then just like a gift, wrap the seat and staple it into the bottom of the seat. You must use a utility (heavy duty) stapler. After stapling the first side, pull the opposite side very taut and staple. Continue for all four sides. Its a little extra work but it looks much better and the cover lasts for a long while. I'm just replacing mine now after 2 1/2 years. It really is simple, I'm a real klutz and not handy at all and I can do it. I recommend it to all people with cloth seats and young children.