Kamis, 30 Desember 2010

Great Purchase

8 Foot Heavy Table Billiard Cover

8 Foot Heavy Table Billiard Cover

Guys, I never leave reviews for books because usually there is very little I can say that hasn't been said already. In fact, I haven't even read the reviews on this book. I am choosing to leave a review today because I am amazed only 7 reviews have been written for this incredible book.

I am relatively new to the M/M romance genre. I had read 12 or 15 M/M books prior to someone strongly suggesting I read Warrior's Cross.

Let me tell you that Warrior's Cross changed my entire experience of reading this genre. It raised the bar to stellar locations.... and all the books I have read since are compared to this one. I can truly say that this is one of the best books I have ever read. Period. And yes, I will probably read it again.... and again...

Since reading Warrior's Cross, I have become a big fan of Urban and Roux co-writing ventures. To me, nothing can touch the quality of their work, the way you are completely pulled into the minds and hearts of the protaganists, the sophistication of the plots, etc etc.

Read this book. As a Kindle user, it's the highest return on five bucks I have ever spent.

And then, go buy Cut and Run, and it's sequel, Sticks and Stones.

Fiction at its best.... while delivering the story lines gay men want.

Get your 8 Foot Heavy Table Billiard Cover Now!

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  1. With this nice cover you can forget about the pool table top getting dust or debris of any kind. Dont have to be concerned about the drink or any thing else for that matter being placed on the table long as this cover is on it. It also compliments the furniture with its finish.

  2. Item shipped promptly and in perfect condition. It looks so much more professional than our old clear vinyl covering. We've had many compliments on it. Didn't notice any smell that people have mentioned, but again, any time that you open something of this material you're going to likely notice a "new smell."

  3. Good quality and the price was a lot cheaper than what we could find locally.

  4. The 8- foot Heavy Duty Pool Table Billiard Cover was perfect in terms of fit, color, and durability.

    The cover arrived in great condition and in a timely manner.

  5. Lois Christensen10 November 2012 14.32

    First, the product was way beyond expectations. The vinyl is excellent quality and heavy. Stitching is strong, fit is perfect, color representation online is accurate, and the design is sensible.

    Moreover, on Christmas Day I wrote to Iszy asking a fairly minor question about the product, not expecting any response for maybe up to a week. At 9:15 AM the next day they responded with a complete answer.

    Product and vendor are HIGHLY recommended in our household.

    Edit: Three months later and the folds from how the item was originally packed are still there. They have not flattened out as promised. I'm conflicted as to whether to lower the rating to 4 stars.

  6. Sophie Cardenas29 November 2012 14.32

    I have a metal roof on a shop, that gets an occasional leak when it's a hard rain. I also have a $2500 pool table in an entertainment room there. So this cover was just the ticket to give me piece, from arriving to a water pool on my table! Priced right and durable. Very thick and it lays well across the table.

  7. Love to do online shopping when the product is better than you expected and it was. Heavy duty and fits great. Thanks for a great price and cover for our pool table.

  8. This is a lightweight but substantial pool table cover. Very nice looking. Protects the table but is easy to remove. Love it.

  9. I received the order sooner than expected. It's a nice, heavy cover and fits my pool table great, but it is a darker brown (more chocolate than amber) than the picture. The person who complained about the odor must have a really sensitive nose - it was no worse than opening up a new shower curtain.