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40 Watt Silver Bowl Chrome Incandescent Medium

40 Watt Silver Bowl Chrome Incandescent Medium

HTML has come a long ways from a major Pain In the Buns to a more dramatic HTML/XHTML 4 which once was simplified has now created a CSS - not meaning "Cascade Style Sheet" but rather a "Cascade Superior Senility" whereas if you had dealt and grown with HTM - HTML / XHTML 4 (which may or may not include Java, CSS, C+, F Sharp, C++, and all that yadda yadda yadda's) ... you would be much relieved to find out how much progress has been improvised in HTML 5! Whereas, gone are the magnitude of multiple "connectors" that everything must connect together (HTML 4 or XHTML 4 or if you lost presence of mind in Wed Designing Pages of "4 at the Door" trying to compound the head bone connected to the neck bone, neck bone connected to the back bone, and so on (just putting some dry humor in here for the sake of sanity). Just one error somewhere along the line would knock out everything in webpages or aka in today's technology "Web Design Pages"; truth in fact - finding such error is like finding a needle in a haystack! (HONEST - I've been there far too many times!)

Microsoft's START HERE! with HTML 5 is the best place you can get all the glimpse and "decompress" your out of the brain washing systematic of the "olden days of wed designing pages"; and learning to start anew and fresh! You are going to experience a shock treatment here once you find out that this is really simplified, so easy that the whole "kit and caboodle" of the entire web design page can be run off the flash (aka pocket, flash drive, et al)! HTML 5 has lost so much of its own "weight" that HTML 4 would be considered a Hippopotamus with is easy to configure and follow and yes; at the same given aspect ---> very much up-to-date and yet have your conversions too making it easy to work with for OCR's (aka Old Versions or Old Operating Systems that people and/or businesses may or might be running on)! Flexibility all into simplicity makes this ALL ROUND BOOK - a must have; while for Windows 8 it will also work for Windows 7 (high end versions) but primarily geared for IE 10 and other Browsers that are currently running on the high end. Having placed emphasis on that; the awesomeness makes this more effectual even more so for popular web design pages to businesses as well as individuals whom are quite popular to have BOTH - "have your cake and eat it too" as the old adage goes ---> so no matter what the attributes are arranged, you can configure it easily so that all would be able to access it, even if they were on a very old Operating System and way out of date browser; it will still work. The opportunities are vast and also very flexible; whether it be codecs to color to tables and much more.

Microsoft's Start Here! with HTML 5 is a very powerful book; the one you WILL want to keep on your shelf and write notes all over it, highlight it, provisions of download links are available to you for those who need more on HTML 5; but as unreal as it sounds ... life can never be this easy, after all these years of complex and complicated confusions ... HTML 5 has eliminated it all!

Strongly Recommended Book!

50,000 Star Rating for it's detailed, profoundly well defined and written book - a must have for the novice to experts!


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