Minggu, 24 Oktober 2010

Sturdy, nice looking chairs

Side Chair Cross Design Cappuccino

Side Chair Cross Design Cappuccino

My primary purpose in purchasing this digital frame was to display video art (cloud reels, time lapse beach movies, etc) and I ordered it without reading all of the reviews. I was a bit concerned when it first arrived as I was unable to get my video files to play on it.

I contacted customer support and within a day they had sent me detailed instructions on how to convert my video files to a format compatible with the photo frame. The instructions worked the first time using freeware. (Hint: You need an image size of 720x480, XVID video codec, Frame rate of 23.976 fps, and 128kbps audio bitrate).

This was a great find for the price.

One additional note: I considered lowering my star rating to 4 stars since the advertised resolution is 1440x900 and the frame does not appear to support video larger than 720x480. For my application this isn't a dealbreaker, but for some people they could be disappointed.

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