Kamis, 14 Oktober 2010

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Round Glass Table Thick Polished

Round Glass Table Thick Polished

If you are looking for a cookbook with lots of everyday recipes, this one isn't going to be your best bet. As an addition to a paleo cookbook collection, its a must have. The recipes are quite a bit different then the usual ones you see and the layout and photography are stunning. I'm giving this 5 stars because it is exactly what it is supposed to be --- a paleo cookbook for entertaining. It provides a number of menus with full recipes for the entire meal for each menu. Keep in mind that this is a cookbook for entertaining and a lot of the recipes are pretty heavy on almond flour and other things that really are probably best left for once in a while paleo treats --- like their amazing looking pizza crust. There are some recipes, I'll pull out and use in my everyday cooking. I personally am looking forward to trying the General Tso's chicken.

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  1. planning to create such thing? it's crazy, but just I need someone to share experience.