Rabu, 06 Oktober 2010

Good quality

Glory Land Rose Stamp Holder

Glory Land Rose Stamp Holder

I almost did not buy these dice when I read the reviews saying that they are 1mm smaller than the green and red ones (both of which I own). When I pulled the trigger yesterday and got them delivered, I immediately took them out to compare them against the green and red ones. To my surprise, they were the same size! Since those reviews, the dice must have been adjusted to be the same size. So anyone who was like me and is finding it hard to pull the trigger because of the size issue, it is now a non-issue!

These dice are amazing. While a little costly, they completely make up for it in quality. These are real casino dice. If you are playing casino games or board games in general, these dice are a MUST! Never again will your friends be able to blame your winning on the dice for being unfair again! Buy, buy, buy!

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