Jumat, 29 Oktober 2010

Extremely useful

Chicago Bears 9ft Market Umbrella

Chicago Bears 9ft Market Umbrella

So your dad taught you to use a nickel and Lincoln's head to tell when it's time for new tires. However these days, tread patterns and tire materials are a lot different. It's handy to have tool specifically designed for the task. The Milton is a pocket clip sized gauge that in increments of 1/64" tells you how your tread is wearing. No more crawling under the wheel well to see Lincoln... Just insert it over a tread groove and push down. Where ever it rests it will stay. Pull it out (get out your glasses) and read it. That easy. It's nice for non-gear heads and people who aren't as limber as they used to be alike.

Stopping is the most important mechanical feature of your vehicle. Tires obviously play a huge role in this, particularly when road conditions are wet and slippery. So checking your tread and planning for the next big expense of replacing them is important. Be sure to also check your tire pressure often as this plays a large role in tire wear and driving safety.

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