Rabu, 13 Oktober 2010

For anyone who has ever been asked "but what do you EAT?!"

Gather Paleo Entertaining Bill Staley

Gather Paleo Entertaining Bill Staley

If you are looking for a cookbook with lots of everyday recipes, this one isn't going to be your best bet. As an addition to a paleo cookbook collection, its a must have. The recipes are quite a bit different then the usual ones you see and the layout and photography are stunning. I'm giving this 5 stars because it is exactly what it is supposed to be --- a paleo cookbook for entertaining. It provides a number of menus with full recipes for the entire meal for each menu. Keep in mind that this is a cookbook for entertaining and a lot of the recipes are pretty heavy on almond flour and other things that really are probably best left for once in a while paleo treats --- like their amazing looking pizza crust. There are some recipes, I'll pull out and use in my everyday cooking. I personally am looking forward to trying the General Tso's chicken.

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  1. This cookbook is the most beautiful cookbook I have ever seen or owned and I have an entire bookcase dedicated to cookbooks of all types. There is a lot of online support for recipes in this book as well. Bill and Hayley walk the walk as well as talk the talk and take pictures. Cannot go wrong with this in your collection.

  2. Tabitha Rosario16 November 2010 03.32

    This book was beautifully written and photographed. The meals seem to jump off the page and into your mouth, or at least that's what I kept wishing would happen! It takes a daunting task - preparing a solid, and sometimes fancy, menu for a group of people - and makes it a simple, easy to conquer task. And, on top it all, it keeps the food clean, fresh, and Paleo. I've already begun to make grand plans in my head for inviting friends over, especially non-Paleo friends, to join in a delicious meal with me! If you're interested in stepping up your game with Paleo meals, for holidays or special events, this is definitely the book for you. If you're wondering if Paleo is "right" for you, or how eating grain-free could be tasty, this is definitely the book for you. If you love cooking/food related books that show the beauty and simplicity of providing a good meal for your family and friends, this is definitely the book for you.

  3. I was so excited and preordered this book! I finally got it this week. Not only is it a beautiful book but a pretty good size which I love. The recipes aren't complex and pretty simple.
    Finally excited to "Gather" in my home and whip up some yummy meals for family and friends!

  4. I'm pretty good at entertaining, but always get a little nervous when it comes to the food part. I'm so glad this book is here. What I really like is that these recipes aren't overly complicated for the average home cook to make. "You can totally do this" is the vibe I got from the book, which I completely appreciate! There are so many I'm looking forward to trying! In particular, the "Take Out Fake Out" section is very enticing.

    I hosted a little party recently and we all enjoyed the Sour Cream Coffee Cake on page 282. People couldn't believe it was paleo. This is what's going to happen when you cook from this book - your skeptical non-paleo guests are going to be so impressed with these recipes that they are going to run out and join the paleo movement. Yeah, it's that good!

    It's a truly beautiful book, and all of the photography is shot by Bill Staley, one of the authors. It's centerpiece for your table and a book that will be useful year after year. So, even if you have a bunch of paleo cookbooks already, you NEED THIS ONE. Trust me, yes you do!

  5. Calvin Gallegos12 Desember 2012 11.32

    After starting a paleo lifestyle due to health reasons, I had resolved myself to the fact that holidays and special events were just going to end up with me in digestive misery. Holidays came and went, complete with decadent dishes filled with grains and gluten and dairy and refined sugars... and I sat at the veggie tray. I waited to order "Gather" to see what the reviews said, and how do I regret those wasted 6 days! I am eagerly anticipating the dinner parties that I can now throw, and the look on my once skeptical friends and family members faces as I tell them that yes, this IS paleo, and now, it isn't chicken breast and broccoli!

    To those of you considering this book, please, do not waste another moment. Purchase this book and start wowing your friends and family with your fabulous skills!

    To Bill and Hayley, THANK YOU! You have put out an amazing entertaining lifestyle cookbook that just happens to be full of nourishing and delicious recipes. I wish you the very best in all the adventures life brings to you, and cannot wait to see what you throw at us next!