Senin, 17 Januari 2011

Very good Book

Low Diet Cookbook Controlling ebook

Low Diet Cookbook Controlling ebook

I must be crazy to enjoy this kind of thing. Um, don't go there.

OKay, let's take a look at why I enjoyed it.

One: It's a familiar tale. Hannibal Lector is an old "evil mind" and a beloved monster from past movies. A deeply detailed and rich character whose evil is fascinating to watch unfold in a train wreck kind of way. And this Hannibal has all the charisma and intricacies of a truly great bad guy. The actor brings new life to him and in such a way that he feels entirely new and frightening.

Two: The series features excellent actors and special effects worthy of a movie set. It's direction and style is gripping and tense. It does not matter that we know Lector, Jack and Will already, in this series they look and feel brand new and I am on the edge of my seat waiting to see more of their relationships develop.

Three: The case of the week is also just as gripping and different as the perspective of the series offers us.

It's a thriller. A ride. And even when he uses the oldest cannibal joke in the book, "I'd love to have you and your wife for dinner," Hannibal feels appropriately creepy and alluring.

A pleasure to watch and wait for each week.

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