Kamis, 13 Januari 2011

Definitely recommend the type cover.

Black Type Cover Microsoft Surface

Black Type Cover Microsoft Surface

I'm a full-size keyboard fan and was skeptical that this Type Cover would come anywhere near the form and functionality of a standard keyboard.
I was wrong.
It has a great tactile feel and you can touch type very quickly and accurately.

I didn't encounter the need to use it on a completely smooth surface that another reviewer mentioned, although it would be difficult to balance your Surface on your lap do much typing. Truly works like a mini-laptop when you use the kickstand and set it on a relatively flat surface. Touch pad has a good feel to it as well (and you can always attach a mini or full-sized mouse to the Surface usb port if you like).

I'm a big amazon fan, but the price listed here is substantially inflated. I was able to get this for $60 less than the price listed here.

Highly recommended.

Get your Black Type Cover Microsoft Surface Now!

2 komentar:

  1. Does the Surface RT with black touch cover work well i need it for browsing, music and Microsoft for school?! Is the keyboard durable?! What is good about it and whats not good about it?! If its not that good what other lap top that turns into a tablet is good?!

  2. Is it spyware? And how do I remove this?