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Disney Stitch Movable Cover Iphone

Disney Stitch Movable Cover Iphone

I ordered this case about 2 weeks before it showed up in my mailbox, even though it was supposed to be delivered in 6 weeks, so I first loved the fast shipping. And right when I got it, I immediately put it on my phone. This case is awesome but I have some trouble closing the right ear. This problem is very minor and does not change my opinion of the case. Also, I have looked at some videos on the internet ,and on one of the videos, I discovered that the case can get dirty around the edges (probably a result from extensive use). So in my cautiousness, whenever I set the case face down, I place a napkin underneath it to keep it away from dirt as much as possible. I don't know if you can clean the case, but I do like to be careful on where I put the case so that it will stay clean and cute forever.
In a nutshell, this case is lovely. I would suggest it to anyone, and it's a great price too.

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