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Here there be dragons!

Dragonology Complete Book Dragons Ologies

Dragonology Complete Book Dragons Ologies

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DRAGONOLOGY.....This book is BEAUTIFUL!!!, February 20, 2004

By A Customer

I'm a 6th grade art teacher. A student brought the book for me to see, shortly after Christmas. I left it laying on the corner of my desk, and walked away. Looking back, I spotted 5 students gathered around it whispering quietly, (and my students don't whisper quietly).
And so it went, through the day....through the week...They were ENGROSSED!...puzzles, riddles, dragon runes...secret formulas....
Well, I have to say, I ordered one for my class, one for myself, and one for a friend, and my students are conspiring to get up a HUMONGOUS order for DRAGONOLOGY.
From age 7 to's a great fantasy and art book.

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  1. have become interested in mythology from around the world.I want know any good sites or books to get from amazon that can give me a good in depth analysis on the and wikipedia are great but i want to know if there is any i can get orfind that are academically sound.I want to read about stories about gods.not really interested in greco-roman as ive studied alot of it.mainly celtic,mesoamerican,japanese,norse and inuit/native american

  2. it was a children's book i think it was published in 2003 or at least around that time in the Ireland & UK inside the book on the front page there was a envelope with a letter and it had lots of fake interesting facts about dragons it wasn't a actual story from what i can remember but i would like to read some of it again sorry for the vague description but if you have any info on where i may be able to find it that would be great