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Great gift for the young mind.

The Egyptology Handbook Wonders Ologies

The Egyptology Handbook Wonders Ologies

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Five Stars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, January 15, 2012

A Kid's Review

This is the best Egypt book so far. It has so much info but is easy to read with lots of cool pictures and activities. I would recommend this for people who have an Egypt report due and need info on Ancient Egyptian religion. It has a huge chapter on it. All other books briefly mention religion and mostly talk about the gods but this book talks about the gods and other things religion like temples, festivals, the burial of a king, the afterlife, etc. This book is GREAT!!

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  1. have become interested in mythology from around the world.I want know any good sites or books to get from amazon that can give me a good in depth analysis on the and wikipedia are great but i want to know if there is any i can get orfind that are academically sound.I want to read about stories about gods.not really interested in greco-roman as ive studied alot of it.mainly celtic,mesoamerican,japanese,norse and inuit/native american