Kamis, 26 Agustus 2010

cuter than tiny monsters!!!!

Big Blue Bubble Singing Monsters

Big Blue Bubble Singing Monsters

This table is really quite impressive for the money. It is substantial and has more presence than indicated in the pictures. The sturdy base is about 10 inches in diameter. The table has nice details, such as the claw feet, and molding around the table top. But the details are subtle and it doesn't look overdone. It was easy to put together, only taking me about 20 minutes. You simply bolt the base or pedestal to the table top, then attach the legs. I purchased the black finish, and am happy overall. It is a true black finish, with no antique or rubbed edges. The table top has almost no grain pattern to it, which was a minor dissapointment. It is super smooth and shows dust very easily. I was worried it may scracth easily too, but the finish does seem pretty durable with no scratches so far. The table was packaged very well, shipped quickly, and with no damage to speak of. This is a great table and a great value.

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